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Say YES to Body Liberation.

Your body is your temple—the Sacred home that carries you through your life journey... the only one you have this time around, right?

Yet, we often spend life fighting the body, abusing it, and hating ourselves for being seen inside a skin that isn’t perfect—sculpted of muscles and fat in just the right proportion, gender correct, smelling nice, no wrinkles, no rolls, no frizz...and on and on.

You may know this torture chamber of negative self-talk. And if so, only YOU can stop the war with your body!  

Flower of Life Press proudly presents Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity—a powerful collection of the voices of change, featuring authors Rochelle Schieck, Zahava Griss, Lettie Sullivan, and Rima Bonario, plus contributions from 16 new paradigm leaders.

By making peace with your body and treating it with unconditional love and respect, you will discover the heart of your own Sacred Body Wisdom.

Say YES to Body Liberation. Say YES to love.

Purchase your copy on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0986353981

“Dr. Mara’s work is so inspiring and so incredibly relatable. She has such a graceful, yet powerful way of opening us all up to truly listening to our soul. Her message and story is absolutely something we all need to hear right now”

-Lisa M. Russell
Board Certified Polarity Therapist
Energetic Coach

“Mara has beautifully shared an experience of healing the soul by looking deeper. This is the way of the Shaman, to look deeper, past the illusion for answers, healing, and purpose. As we learn to do this individually, so it will be collectively. Our challenges are gifts and our healing process with them is Sacred. Kudos to Mara for breaking beyond fear and doubt, for delving deeper and reclaiming her power!”

-Dr. Kara Hanks, NHD, RN, HHP
Spiritual Healer
Leader & Educator

“Dr. Mara courageously tackles the relationship of dark emotions and how they can create havoc in our bodies (fibroids) by telling her story. It felt like a conversation with a friend who was offering words of advice, wisdom and guidance”

-Dr. Cynthia Glendening
Eagle Chiropractic, PC
doTERRA Platinum Wellness Advocate
Certified Aromatouch Instructor
4 Time Winner, Best Chiropractor in Chester County

“The Wisdom of the Fibroid by Dr. Mara Sussman (Chiropractor, healer, mentor, author, Goddess!) is a powerful lesson to truly LISTEN to your body and lean into ALL aspects of life. Live & love. Make peace with the roles you’ve played and plans you’ve made and get to un-learning all of it. Learn how to truly FEEL GOOD. And after all the work you’ve done, when you realize you still have more work to do, don’t just own it, fu**ing bathe in it. She promises, what seems to be the life-sucking darkness will actually be the direct path into the light . . .”

-Michelle Blanchette
Certified Success & Wellness Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor
Essential Oil Educator

“If you want to be invited into a deeper understanding and relationship with the sacred wisdom your body and soul are sharing with you, I invite you to read Dr. Mara Sussman’s chapter where she so eloquently shares her journey of loving herself... Her story is shared in such real, heartbreaking and illumination ways that just by reading you are pulled into the exquisite mystery and beauty of being a woman on a sacred journey to find wholeness, to truly love ourselves and to heal the places deep inside where we are hurting. She invites us into a deeper love, a deeper trust in ourselves, in our bodies, and in showing up fully human and divine at the same time”

-Corinna Barrus
doTERRA Wellness Advocate
Educating, Empowering and Transforming Lives

”This is such a powerful message that is so much more than just body awareness. It dives deeper into where we store our emotions over the years, and how this affects us. I appreciate Mara’s willingness to share her personal story, as it encourages others to share their truth as well. It is a great reminder of how Vitally important it is to love ourselves as top priority! Thank you for this beautiful piece!”

-Dr. Nancy Hutchinson
Physical Therapist
doTERRA Diamond Leader

“The New Feminine Paradigm. This book is filled with clarity and insight for anyone that is searching for a way back to their true selves. Reading about how others did this is illuminating, no matter what stage of life you are in, your culture, or who you are. These humans are brave and honest about how they overcame these antiquated paradigms. Truly amazing stories and incredible people! I will be placing this book in my office lobby!”

-K. Rosen